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I am the proud dad of one and a half wonderful children (the other half depends on the day), who are the apple of my eye (whatever that means). They really are a great source of my pride. Which brings me to this book idea.

So what father hasn’t tried to impart his wisdom, ideas and lessons learned  on to his children? Simply trying to get their attention, much less pique their interest in any type of meaningful discussion, is often a futile endeavor. In their eyes, dads are typically stupid and need to be ignored. Don’t I know that.

Well, this lunatic dad has committed (I should be committed) much of his life’s guidance to writing, resulting in a 600-page book (including illustrations, no less–and you think you have problems). In my lighthearted and spirited way, I try to show them the right path to happiness and success in life. Silly me, thinking that they would actually read it. Well, maybe someday they will.

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