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Sure Dad 2017


OK, so raise your hand if you’ve, yet again, wasted your time embarking on that fruitless effort, to make a list of ways to better yourself this year. Don’t you ever learn? Don’t you know that if you’re anything like me (God forbid), you will be lucky to last a week before breaking every one […]

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Wascally Wabbit

Thankfully, I’m not a hunter, however I understand there are those who really enjoy this activity. God knows why, so here’s my take on what they actually call a sport. First, a little step back into history. In the olden days, men were hunters and women were gatherers. This segregation of duties was instituted for […]

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Political Mascots

If you were in charge of picking the symbol for your political party, what would you choose? Would it be something dynamic, innovative and distinct? Or would it be something stupid like the ones the Democrats and Republicans have selected long ago? As we all know, the mascot of the Democratic Party is a donkey. […]

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Crystal Ball

Do you believe in ESP? Color me “unsure” as I wouldn’t be so dismissive about the possibility of some people having the ability to predict the future. Who knows?  I absolutely believe in ESPN, though. There have been countless instances of very bizarre situations when those seemingly possessing that special sense, were not only able […]

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Private Parts

     Who do you think came up with the names for our body parts? It’s a real mystery as no one really knows. And why in the world would those references be so funny sounding? The mere mention of our privates causes many to giggle. Don’t we name most things as they relate to their […]

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The Fruits of Our Labors

     As I’ve mentioned before, the naming of the final holiday of the summer really baffles me. Simply put, I have no idea why we pick that time of year to celebrate the birth process; “Labor Day”. Can’t we find something more appropriate to commemorate? Ask any mother, and I’m sure she doesn’t have fond […]

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Let’s Play Pretend

The art of acting is really the ability to pretend in a very convincing way. The good actors assume the personality and features of the character they portray, which the audience finds very believable. I get that. But this leads me to a critical observation of an activity prevalent in our society. It’s called playing […]

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I Believe

Yes, I’m a Jewish boy, raised in a Jewish household, and have lots of Jewish values instilled in me. Of course, Jewish guilt is a big one, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, I’m very proud of my heritage and for lots of reasons (not the least of which is because so many died, […]

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Oh Sure

Anyone wonder why our astronauts have not visited the moon since 1970 something (OK, so I’m not sure of the exact date, but it’s been many moons ago)?  We instead, have redirected our exploration efforts to building and manning (and womanning) an international space station. And I know why. In the largest fraud ever perpetrated […]

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Cup Cake

Pet Names

At what point in a romantic relationship, do people simply lose their names? Is it at the onset of exclusive dating? Does this occur at the six month anniversary of being together? Does it happen the subsequent morning of the first pajama party? Once you move in? When you become engaged? Or does it occur […]

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